How Much Will the Trademark
Registration Process Cost?

Our office charges a $400 fixed fee for preparing and submitting an application for state registration of trademark, which remains valid for a fixed number of years (5 years in Washington state) and is renewable thereafter.  Federal registrations are billed at Brian J. Coyne's hourly rate of $160, and a paralegal rate of $80 per hour.  It is impossible to cite an exact figure for federal trademark registration since it is contingent upon the number of classes under which you will be requesting registration.  We will request that a client remit a minimum $1,100 deposit to our trust account to begin the trademark application process.  This will usually get the process started and the application filed.  Some applications will be more costly, depending on the individual mark.  Most clients will encounter objections and/or rejections from the examining trademark attorney, which will result in additional legal fees from our office.  Each situation is different, and it is all highly variable.  On average, we have observed that the total cost of federal trademark registrations usually ranges between $1,500 to $2,600.  The registration process typically spans a 9 to 18 month period.  A federal trademark or servicemark registration remains valid for ten years, and is renewable in the tenth year.

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