Patent Gallery
Patent Gallery

This page is a gallery of links to patents that have issued in the United States to our clients.

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Patent Number Name
8,637,304 Ammonia nitrogen recovery through a biological process
8,562,913 Air filtration and purification system
8,513,828 Wind turbine for electric car
8,467,668 Infrared room heater system
8,247,742 Quartz tube infrared heater system
8,209,923 Vent hood and flashing assembly for metal roof
8,096,850 Hand-held noisemaker
7,956,760 Moisture sensing strips
7,854,188 Calibrated taper crimp die
7,854,033 Apparatus and method for cleaning a mop
7,811,455 Removal of ammonia from fermentation effluent and sequestration as ammonium bicarbonate and/or carbonate
7,806,957 Balanced fertilizer production and improved anaerobic digestion efficiency
7,753,679 Non-firing training rifle
7,681,481 Calibrated taper crimp die
D609,984 House plant watering device
7,658,267 Apparatus for holding scuba tanks
7,584,688 Multiple-blade saw system with magnetic bearing guide blocks and ferromagnetic lubricant, coolant and coating system
7,493,720 Spent ammunition cartridge case deflector
D586,899 Air filter cabinet
7,472,960 Recyclable event chair
7,444,775 Caliber convertible AR-15 upper receiver system
7,377,275 Imitation stone cutter
7,101,322 Weight exercise device
7,059,956 Portable game hoist
6,993,950 Rebar cutter and bender
6,932,525 Keyboard arrangement for easy acquisition of typing skills
6,647,970 Exhaust gas recirculation and processing device for turbocharged diesel engine
6,632,038 Keyboard arrangement for easy acquisition of typing skills
D474,379 Hot dog roasting stick
6,523,301 Floral Arranging Device
6,428,407 Coated Abrasive Tool and Construction Method
D461,004 Air Filter Device Apparatus
6,398,306 Seat Cushion Adjustment Apparatus
6,390,801 Texturing Tool
6,290,372 Spiral Christmas Light Hanger
6,241,926 Method for Making an Expanded Polystyrene Article
6,196,601 Pet Waste Retriever
6,153,250 Chitosan-Stabilized Peanut Butter
6,145,488 Reduced Volume Scavening System for Two Cycle Engines
6,120,755 Method for cleaning teeth by abrasive oral irrigation
6,119,399Channel guided parallelogram gate
D430,985Display Shelf
6,076,619All Terrain Vehicle for Disabled Person
6,050,018Sandshrimp Tail Fish Lure
6,044,789Fabric Skinned Inflatable Dory
6,021,981Saddle Hanger for Plastic Pipe
5,937,816Combination Carburetor Backing Plate and Crankcase Breather
5,934,685Step Lock Piston Ring Insert
5,913,800Rubber Coated Rowel
5,887,585Air Supply Life Vest
D405,770Mouse Pad Attachment for Keyboard Arm
D404,235Buckle Holder
5,835,825Free Form Nugget and Method of Casting
5,838,421Binocular Direct Opthalmoscope
5,813,751Device for Permanent Installation of Christmas Lighting
5,769,734Golf Swing Training Device
5,595,363Plastic Pipe Beam Support
5,544,435Brush Rake
5,527,077Pitchfork Rake Attachment
5,520,843Vinyl Surface Cleanser and Protectant
5,481,806Tongue Attachment for Circular Saw
5,481,766Toilet Guard
5,474,018Refrigerant Storage Tank Status Indicator
5,472,308Grapple Mount
5,465,977Archery Target Stop
5,226,231Pipe Joining Tool
5,152,155Carbon Dioxide Refrigerating System
5,058,311Method for Destroying Burrowing Animals
D320,801Beverage Can Crusher
5,044,324Wood Fiber Crumbles
4,950,293Prosthetic Ligamentary Device
4,936,181Door Harp
4,834,657Punishment Wheel
4,735,423Sliding Rump Shield
4,631,856Hook and Lure Storage Device
4,611,848Sliding Cover Assembly for Open Body Trucks
D279,946Merchandise Display Rack
4,453,335Audible Fish Lure

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