How Much Will it Cost to Get a Patent?

There is no magic number that we can cite as far as how much it will cost to obtain a patent. The only set amount is that of the patent search.  The actual cost of the patent application is contingent upon the type of patent for which you are applying, the number of claims in your application, the number of drawings, the degree of complexity of your application, the number of changes you make, and the amount of time necessary to prepare the application, and other factors.  The current hourly rate for Brian J. Coyne is $150.  After your application is filed, you may or may not encounter objections from the patent examiner.  Responding to these "office actions" will also be an additional cost to you.

Typically, we request that a client remit $3,500 for deposit to our trust account.  We will draw against this money to pay our costs and fees during the preparation of the application.  In most cases an additional deposit is necessary to complete the application and get it sent to the USPTO.  The client will also have to pay the USPTO Issue Fee for the patent prior to its issuance.  This fee is variable, depending on the type of patent you are receiving and the Fiscal Year in which the patent issues.  The current USPTO fee schedule details the amounts for application, issuance and maintenance fees.  The total fees and costs for a US utility patent through our office usually lies in the range of $6,000 to $12,000 (not including the patent search,) but each application is unique, and it is impossible to give a firm price quote for a patent application.

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